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Cohort 9

Bridge Scholar: Darriel Andabati-Eyaa


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Xiaoyu Xue
Thesis Topic: Mechanisms of human ZGRF1 helicase in replication fork protection and R-loop resolution

Cohort 8

Ayyam Ibrahim


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Karen Lewis
Thesis Topic: Validation of enriched sequence motifs as ligands for the RNA binding protein LaRP6

Nakya Mesa-Diaz


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Liqin Du

Thesis Topic: Developing miR-506-3p analogs with enhanced differentiation-inducing activity

Mitchell Myhre


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sean Kerwin

Thesis Topic: Intermolecular Interactions of G-triplex DNA

Marc Rodriguez


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sean Kerwin

Thesis Topic: Sequence effects and ligand selectivity in targeting non-canonical DNA structures

Tionna Scott


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sean Kerwin

Thesis Topic: N-Alkynylazoles as amide coupling reagents

Cohort 7

Pete Camacho


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steve Whitten

Thesis Topic: Conformational preferences of the charged amino acids in intrinsically disordered proteins

Jesse Durham


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Xiaoyu Xue

Thesis Topic: Function of Mte1 on Rad51-made D-loop formation in budding yeast

Victoria Parra


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alexander Kornienko

Thesis Topic: Innovative Compounds for Overcoming Antibiotic Resistance

Diego Valdez-Oranday


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kevin Lewis

Thesis Topic: Development of new assays for assessment of DNA double-strand break repair in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Cohort 6

Breana Laguera


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alexander Kornienko

Thesis Topic: Novel Neuroblastoma Differentiating Agents

Alejandro Oviedo


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Liqin Du

Thesis Topic: Characterizing the activity of three novel differentiation-inducing compounds in neuroblastoma cells.

Elisia Ari Paiz


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steve Whitten

Thesis Topic: Defining the conformational bias in the denatured states of proteins

Cohorts 1-5

Student Research Mentor Cohort Thesis Title
Melissa Carrizales Dr. Karen Lewis 5 Divergence of RNA binding domains in vertebrate LARP6 proteins
Rebecca Marks Dr. Ron Walter 5 Gene expression analysis in the skin of male Xiphophorus couchianus at varying wavelengths of light (50 nm ranges)
Taryn Olivas Dr. Ron Walter 5 Using specific light wavebands to modulate biochemical pathways in skin and liver of zebrafish (Danio rerio
Elisa Ari Paiz Dr. Steve Whitten 5 Defining the conformational bias in the denatured states of proteins
George Parra Dr. Steve Whitten 5 Phosphorylation effects on hydrodynamic size in intrinsically disordered proteins
Brandie Taylor Dr. Sean Kerwin 5 Glucuronide prodrug synthesis and attachment of cytotoxic nature product
Ellysa Vogt Dr. Ron Walter 5 Genetic responses from Danio rerio organs in situ after exposure to 4,100K fluorescent light
Keith Garcia Dr. Ron McClean 4 A meta-genomic approach to bacterial communication in aquatic environments
Trevor Gonzalez Dr. Ron Walter 4 Kinetics of fluorescent light-induced modulation of global gene expression profiles in various organs of zebrafish
Geraldo Medrano Dr. Liquin Duu 4 Determining the Role of ATP6V0E1 of the Vacuolar-ATPase in Regulating Neurobastoma Cell Survival and Differentiation
Eleuterio Pena Dr. Karen Lewis 4 Structural and Biochemical Characterization of Domains in the Posttranscriptional Regulator LARP6
Oluwatoyosi Adewunmi Dr. Rachel Booth 3 Indentification of accessory proteins that impact the expression of the epithelial sodium channel
Francisco Betancourt Dr. Karen Lewis 3 Recombinant expression and purification of LARP6 proteins from Arabidopsis thaliana
Taylor Dismuke Dr. Rachel Booth 3 Identification of critical residues in the extra cellular domain of beta epithelial sodium channels
Ben Ricard Dr. Steve Whitten 3 Investigating the site-specific effects of proline to glycine substitutions on the hydrodynamic radius of intrinsically disordered proteins
Eliseo Salas Dr. Karen Lewis 3 Characterization of ligand specificity of the RNA-binding protein LARP6
Jose Castro Dr. Karen Lewis 2 Biochemical analsyis of evolutionarily divergent vertebrate LARP6 Proteins
Elia Lopez Nihal Dharm 2 Characterization of IBR5-ROP GTPase (ROP2/ROP6) Interaction in Plant Auxin Response
Christopher D. Munoz Dr. Tania Betancourt 2 Synergistic targeting of nanoparticles to cancer cell by utilizing multiple targeting agents
Angelica Riojas Drs. Karen Lewis and Ron Walter 2 Roles of genes affecting telomere lengths, nucleosome remodeling, and cell cycle checkpoints in maintenance of chromosome stability in yeast yku70 mutants
Kaela Caballero Dr. Ron Walter 1 Differential Gene Expression in the Skin of Xiphophorus Maculitus JP 163 B in Response to Full Specturm (10,000 K) Fluorescent Light
Romel Perez Dr. Steve Whitten 1 Contributions of Alanine Residues to the Hydrodynamic Radius of p53
Blanca Rodriguez Drs. Karen Lewis and Corina Maeder 1 Investigation of the binding affinity of RNA molecules for hydrotalcite and montmorillonite as potential RNAi therapy delivery systems